Stop running!

Do you keep running from God even when all He says is come? You feel less of a person and nobody seems to understand, have been there before, I totally know how tough it is and that’s why I beg you to read this.


Throwback to a beautiful song by Hillsong…yeah, yeah…am sorry its Hillsong again…but they’ve got beautiful worship songs i can’t just resist…just check this one out. Its amazing.

Transfiguration-Hillsong Worship

Hi people. So recently I have been in love with Hillsong Worship all over again and I am most glad to be sharing some of these songs with y’all as I am led to , so stay tuned, will you?😜

Disappointed? BE JOYFUL

Hello Fam, A lot have happened in the past few days and trust me, have learnt one thing which i will be sharing with y’all.

The Cause of Christ by Kari Jobe

Hello Family. For all who know me a little more personally, you would know am a hard lover of good (specifically Christian) music and although i sometimes might not be able to learn the entire lyrics of a song but trust me, the message of a song matters to me and once i find one…

Guess who the victory belongs to…

Hello and Happy Easter to you. If you are like me that made up today for church and yet took no picture, don’t worry, God loves  us the same 😁. I am super excited about this post because this season means a whole lot to me.


  For someone like me that has opened up to 10 blogs (ridiculous right😞) and i just switch off after a while, you should know how consistency is a big deal for me.


  I am Royalty and this is my journey.It’s basically about all that go on in my head.I hope to always bring to you news of joy and happiness.Please don’t give up on me and lets grow together. Cheers Royalty